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SharpCaster C# Chromecast SDK

I have built C# Chromecast SDK that allows you to control chromecast from Windows & Windows Phone applications.

Windows Phone Web Debugging

Sometimes you need to see what kind of packages your Windows Phone is sending and receiving. This guide is going to show how to do that using tool called Fid...

Windows Phone 8 with Caliburn Micro Data Binding

Most powerful feature of Caliburn Micro is Data Binding. It connects your data logic and view together. It also make sure that whenever value is changed on l...

Windows Phone 8 with Caliburn Micro

I love Model View ViewModel (MVVM) pattern when doing Windows Phone or Windows 8 development. It allows nice separation of UI and code which gives your proje...

Facebook Single sign-on on Windows Phone 8 with Windows Azure Mobile Services

Using Facebook single sign-on on Windows Phone 8 applications allows user very easy way to register/login to your application without filling forms. But it s...