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SharpCaster C# Chromecast SDK

I have built C# Chromecast SDK that allows you to control chromecast from Windows & Windows Phone applications.


Windows Phone Web Debugging

Sometimes you need to see what kind of packages your Windows Phone is sending and receiving. This guide is going to show how to do that using tool called Fid...

Windows Phone 8 with Caliburn Micro Data Binding

Most powerful feature of Caliburn Micro is Data Binding. It connects your data logic and view together. It also make sure that whenever value is changed on l...

Windows Phone 8 with Caliburn Micro

I love Model View ViewModel (MVVM) pattern when doing Windows Phone or Windows 8 development. It allows nice separation of UI and code which gives your proje...

Facebook Single sign-on on Windows Phone 8 with Windows Azure Mobile Services

Using Facebook single sign-on on Windows Phone 8 applications allows user very easy way to register/login to your application without filling forms. But it s...

Services that I use on Tapanila.net

I’m running Tapanila.net on Windows Azure Websites and using Wordpress. The biggest reason why I chose Wordpress and why I’m still using it is the amount of ...

Windows Azure Mobile Services at CloudBrew

During december 2013 I was talking about Windows Azure Mobile Service at CloudBrew. [slideshare id=29928262&doc=7-140112092030-phpapp02]


Windows Azure Storage SDK now supports Windows Phone 8

Windows Azure Storage team has released preview version of the SDK which supports Windows Phone 8

Windows Azure Mobile Services Custom API for existing SQL Database

Sometimes you have existing SQL database where you would like to expose some custom queries results

Twitter reader for Logitech G15 keyboard

I created Twitter reader for Logitech G15 Keyboard. Logitech G15 is keyboard with nice LCD (160x43 pixels) on it. I created the reader for this using Windows...

Creating Twitter reader using Windows Azure Mobile Services

You can now easily create twitter reader using Windows Azure Mobile Services features custom API, Git support and NPM (Node Package Manager) support Creat...

MVC 4 Scoped OAuth client for Facebook

Sometimes you might need special permissions right from start on your web application. Default MVC 4 OAuth clients only ask basic permissions and you can’t c...

I just became Nokia Developer Champion

I have been chosen as Nokia Developer Champion!

Github micro free for students

Ever wanted to use private repository for GitHub? If you are a student you can get it for free at https://github.com/edu

Manage Windows Azure MySQL database

Many people started using ClearDB MySQL database on Windows Azure before it was offered through Windows Azure Store which enables easy management of the serv...

Generating JSON

Generating JSON from your .net classes is very easy. Here’s simple sample how to do it.

TechDays Finland 2013

I’ll be presenting at TechDays Finland this year. TechDays is the biggest technology conference in Finland with over 1500 attendees and 5 different developer...

Fetching Facebook Friends using Windows Azure Mobile Services

This tutorial shows you how to fetch Facebook Friends if you have Facebook accessToken.


I will gather here all of the events where I’m going to participate and where I have participated.

Windows Azure Active Directory Access Control with Visual Studio 2012

This guide shows you how to use Windows Azure Active Directory Access Control (also known as Access Control Service or ACS)

Fetching Tweets by multiple hashtags using Windows Azure Mobile Services

In my previous post I went through the whole process how to create new Windows Azure Mobile Services project and adding the scheduler for fetching tweets bas...

Fetching Tweets using Windows Azure Mobile Services

Windows Azure Mobile Services is one the newest things that have been added to Windows Azure. It’s goal is to enable front-end developers easily to create a ...


kuvaton.com reader

kuvaton.com reader does not collect or publish any personal information.

MVVM and MVVM Light Toolkit

MVVM is coding pattern that I like a lot. There’s a lot of people who say it isn’t so good but for Windows Phone and Windows 8 coding I find it perfect. MVVM...

Foursquare Venues API

Foursquare has great API and documentation about it. Nice thing is that you don’t need to authenticate to use most of the API. But even then you will need to...

9Gag reader privacy policy

9Gag reader does not collect or publish any personal information.

Tapanila reader privacy policy

Tapanila reader does not collect or publish any personal information.

Using OAuth on Windows 8 case Untappd

Untappd is nice service. But what makes it AWESOME is that they started to use OAuth on their API since V4 of API. To get access into Untappd API you need to...

Microsoft Student Partners program

I have been asked kinda often what’s this Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) program that I belong to. I will tell you what the program is to me. Please notice ...

Image storage WCF service

This is one more advanced WCF service than other samples. Because it’s meant to be used by Windows Phone and Windows 8 clients.

Tapanila privacy policy

PRIVACY This Privacy Policy describes the policies and procedures of Tapanila.net products (“we”, “our” or “us”) on the collection, use and disclosure of you...

Creating watcher service that runs on Windows Azure

This post is about combining the stuff that I have recently wrote about and creating something nice. Consuming rss feed + Using Windows Azure Tables to store...

Consuming rss feed with syndicationfeed

Rss is very often used these days for blogs, file lists and stuff like that. It’s very easy to parse & read the rss feed using C# and syndication feed.

Using Windows Azure Tables to store and retrieve data

Windows Azure Tables is very lightweight opinion to store, retrieve and queue entities. Fast to setup and very easy to use.

Sending emails easily from your Azure application

When you host your application Azure you don’t get SMTP server or any other mail services. So you got 2 choices. 1) Host your own SMTP server or 2) Use SendG...

Sending text message from WCF service

Sending text messages from application are expensive and very hard to do? Nope. It’s cheap and even too easy to do. I will show how to do it using Twilio

Image uploading WCF service

WCF service that saves and retrieves images is simple to do. But there’s few tricks that you should know.

Consuming WCF Service with Windows Phone

The reason why I have been writing so much about creating WCF services is that they are very easy to consume and use on Windows Phone application. So I will ...

Consuming WCF service with Windows 8

The reason why I have been writing so much about creating WCF services is that they are very easy to consume and use on Windows 8 application. So I will show...

Publishing WCF service that uses Blob Storage into Windows Azure Websites

You can publish WCF Services into Windows Azure Websites. Also you can access all of the Azure resources from there too. You just need to add reference to Az...

More MySQL databases easily with ClearDB

So you have started to use Azure Websites more and now you are in state where you need an another MySQL DB? ClearDB is the company that provides the MySQL da...

Consuming Json API easy

These days there exists huge amount of API’s. One of the most used formatting is JSON. Consuming JSON with .net is kinda easily but to get full support of in...

Getting started on Windows 8 Facebook application development

Facebook is one of the most fascinating source of data that I can think of. Because it’s always personalized  because you can get only your and your friends ...

Team Foundation Server made easy

Team Foundation Server has been something that you mostly see in bigger companies. Because it required a hosted solution to work well. So if you wanted to ha...

Running WCF service on Azure Websites

Azure Websites is not only limited into running your normal websites. You can also run WCF Services in Azure Websites.

Running multiple wordpress blogs on Azure Websites

Currently on Azure Websites you get 1 free MySQL database. To install a second Wordpress blog you need to use the same database. That itself is easy but when...

Azure Websites - Start for free and scale as you go

Azure Websites is very easy way to get started very fast on creating a website. Azure subscriptions come with 10 free web sites on shared platform. It’s curr...

Getting started on Office 2013 development

Office 365 Developer Site is a SharePoint 2013 Preview site that you can use to create, test, and deploy apps for Office and SharePoint. You can use Visual S...

OAuth on Windows 8

OAuth is open authentication standard that can be used to give an access to the specific resources of the account. Instead of giving full access in form of u...

Facebook C# now with Nuget

Facebook C# SDK was moved from codeplex into github and at the same time they started to distribute the binary libraries with Nuget.

Post picture into a facebook

This post continue from the last one: Get all of the friends from Facebook

Get all of the friends from Facebook

This post continue from the last one: Facebook get information about the user