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Sometimes you need to see what kind of packages your Windows Phone is sending and receiving. This guide is going to show how to do that using tool called Fiddler!

  1. Install Fiddler
  2. Start fiddler and open settings

    Starting fiddler and opening settings

  3. Go to “HTTPS” tab and make sure you have checked Capture and Decrypt checkboxes

    Fiddler HTTPS settings

  4. Go to “Connections” tab and check “Allow remote computers to connect” and change your listens on port to 8889 (Screenshot)

    Fiddler settings Connections tab

  5. Check your computer ip address from connection icon (mine is

    Fiddler network connection status

  6. Connect your phone to same network as your computer

    Windows Phone wifi network list

  7. Open your browser and go to web address (Use your own IP from point 5)

    Fiddler echo service on Windows Phone

  8. Click download the FiddlerRoot certificate
  9. Click Open

    Downloading fiddler root certificate on Windows Phone

  10. Click Install

    Installing fiddler root certificate on Windows Phone

  11. Click OK

    Succesfully installed fiddler root certificate

  12. Go to your wifi list on settings and click the name of connected wifi network

    Windows Phone wifi network list

  13. Enable proxy and type your computer ip to server and 8889 to port

    Windows Phone Wifi Proxy Settings

  14. Open browser on phone and browse to tapanila.net

    Tapanila.net on Windows Phone browser

  15. See the request on your computer at Fiddler

    Fiddler data on request for Tapanila.net