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This post is about combining the stuff that I have recently wrote about and creating something nice. Consuming rss feed + Using Windows Azure Tables to store and retrieve data + Sending emails from your Windows Azure application = Windows Phone 8 SDK watcher.

This post contains a lot of code if you want more easier to follow blog posts just look those 3 from above. Everything that is done here is basically combing all 3 of those and then building a real service using them. The solution is WCF application for .net 4.0 and then published into Azure Websites. Create a new WCF application (.net 4.0)

Open NuGet Package manager

Add references to these libraries: SendGrid and Windows Azure Storage. Here’s the code for Service1.scv.cs

Here’s the code for Service1.cs

You can find the service from here and start using it. I will soon release a website that’s hosted on Windows Azure which will be using this. It will offer this service to anyone who want to get email notification when Windows Phone 8 SDK is released.