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So you have started to use Azure Websites more and now you are in state where you need an another MySQL DB? ClearDB is the company that provides the MySQL database that comes with your Azure subscription. But you can only get one from Azure Management portal. ClearDB itself is ready to offer you more if you want. Here’s a guide how to get free MySQL DB from them.

  1. Open signup form fill in your information and click create account

    Registration form

  2. You will now receive an email from ClearDB. It comes with confirmation link open it. Notice that you can change your username.

    Creating new system user account

  3. Fill in the last form

    Registration form billing address information

  4. Now browse to Azure MySQL DB offer page and choose free

    Creating free azure mysql database

  5. Choose region and click next

    Azure MySQL database region

  6. Now you are done and can see your Database information.

    Database creation completed