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Teemu Tapanila

Microsoft Azure MVP and Windows Phone developer

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I’ll be presenting at TechDays Finland this year. TechDays is the biggest technology conference in Finland with over 1500 attendees and 5 different developer tracks(Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows Azure, Tools and Experts track).

  • 6.3.2013 13.00 - 14.00 : Connecting devices and services with Windows Azure.  Level 200

The presentation will show you how to create backend service using Windows Azure Mobile Services very quickly. Then we will go further and start expanding it with other Azure services and 3rd party API’s to bring forth even more features.

I will also talk about how Windows Azure Mobile Services is built and how to use it with devices that don’t currently have ready made SDK available for them.

If you are frontend developer who would love to create a backend himself but doesn’t want to learn huge amount of stuff then this session is absolutely for you! If you are backend developer who wants to see new ways of creating it then this session shall provide some very interesting information.

All of my demos, source code and slides will be released here in my blog. The presentations will also be recorded and posted to the TechDays website. If there are any specific cases or questions you’d like me to answer in my presentations, feel free to ask me here or by simply pinging me at twitter!