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Teemu Tapanila

Microsoft Azure MVP and Windows Phone developer

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I’m running Tapanila.net on Windows Azure Websites and using Wordpress. The biggest reason why I chose Wordpress and why I’m still using it is the amount of themes, plugins and services available for it. I use a lot of different services on my blog and here’s a list of them:

  • CloudFlare - DNS
  • Disqus - Commenting
  • Cloudinary - All pictures on my blog are hosted on cloudinary. I upload full sized pictures into their service and it  resize them to perfectly fit my blog layout
  • Gist - Sharing my source code samples
  • Starbox - Author box in bottom of my posts
  • Sendgrid - Takes care of all the emails my blog sends
  • WP SuperCache - Caching my Wordpress

If you have any questions regarding any of the services that I use or why did I choose these just ask on comments.